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Learn more about the Master Page Adobe Muse widget

Not every page of your website has SEO markup that needs to change. This type of SEO can be placed on the master pages so that you don't have to re-enter the information on every page.

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How to use

This widget will go on your Master Page(s). If you have multiple Master Pages, you can either place the widget on a 'Global' Master Page (a Master Page that all other Master Pages link back to) or you can place the widget on each independent Master Page.

Master Page
Business Name The name of your business.
Alternative Business Name If your name has any alternative names that it goes by, you can enter it here.
Logo The logo of your business. Should be a minimum of 600x600px.
Enable Facebook App Enables the ability to add a Facebook App to your page. If you do not have a Facebook App, you can learn how to quickly create one here.
Enable Twitter Enables the ability to link your Twitter profile to your website.
Enable Google Enables the ability to link your Google+ page to your website.
Facebook App ID Your Facebook App ID.
Twitter Handle The handle of your Twitter profile (e.g. j26design).
Google+ ID The Google+ ID of your Google+ page.