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Over the last year or two, Google seems to be getting smarter. Often, when you ask it a question, one of the first results is a display of the actual answer to that question. Well, another thing (of many) that Google has started doing, is it has started showing social profiles of celebrities and businesses. This widget will tell Google which social profiles belong to your business.

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Table of contents

  1. How to use
  2. Documentation
    1. Business/person
    2. Social links
  3. Discussion

How to use

This widget will go on your Master Page(s). If you have multiple Master Pages, you can either place the widget on a 'Global' Master Page (a Master Page that all other Master Pages link back to) or you can place the widget on each independent Master Page.

Keep in mind that Google will only display 'verified' profiles. With that said, it does not mean that it will not potentially help your ranking. Plus, once your social profiles do become verified, Google will already know what profiles are yours.

Lastly, you'll notice that there are only 10 social media platforms listed, that's because those are the only 10 that Google recognizes. If you would like to get more information on listing your business, check out this post.

Social Links
Type You have 2 options:
  • Business
  • Celebrity
Name The name of your business
Alternative Name If your name has any alternative names that it goes by, you can enter it here.
Logo The logo of your business. Should be a minimum of 600x600px
Social Profiles
The following sections are the ends of URLs. Each entry should not include any punctuation or spaces.
Facebook Your business' Facebook page. Tip — For J-26's Facebook page, you'd enter J26WebDesign
Twitter Your business' Twitter profile. Tip — For J-26's Twitter profile, you'd enter j26design.
Google+ Your business' Google+ ID. Tip — For J-26's Google+ page, you'd enter 100859045855637800799 or for the vanity URL, you'd enter +J26Design.
Instagram Your business' Instagram profile. Tip — For J-26's Instagram profile, you'd enter j26design.
YouTube Your business' YouTube channel. Tip — For J-26's YouTube channel, you'd enter UC1Nvv2fwU4skaYGGi8moCPw.
LinkedIn Your business' LinkedIn page. Tip — For J-26's LinkedIn company page, you'd enter j-26-web-design.
Myspace Your business' Myspace page. Tip — For Eminem's Myspace page, you'd enter eminem.
Pinterest Your business' Pinterest page. Tip — For J-26's Pinterest page, you'd enter J26Design.
SoundCloud Your business' SoundCloud page. Tip — For Eminem's SoundCloud page, you'd enter shadyrecords.
Tumblr Your business' Tumblr page. Tip — For J-26's Tumblr page, you'd enter j26design.