Local SEO: Food Establishment

Learn more about the Local SEO: Food Establishment Adobe Muse widget

The Food Establishment local SEO widget is for local food establishments such as bakeries, bars or pubs, and cafés. Local SEO swidgets provide powerful markup for businesses and should only be used for businesses with physical locations.

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Table of contents

  1. How to use
    1. Placement
  2. Documentation
    1. Business Information
    2. Contact Information
    3. Hours
  3. Discussion

How to use

Tip — If you are simply wanting to add local SEO for a single business location, then place this widget in your Master Page(s) or your home page. For more complex scenarios, refer to this post.

The Local SEO: Food Establishment widget uses Schema.org markup to add information about your business to your website. All categories are defined by Schema.org. This widget is for businesses in, or closely related to, the following fields:

  • Food Establishment
  • Bakery
  • Bar or Pub
  • Brewery
  • Cafe or Coffee Shop
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Winery

Looking for something else?

There are 120 specific types of local business widgets. Click here to see the complete list.

Local SEO: Food Establishment
Business Information
Type of Business Any one of the 9 options listed above.
Business Name The name of the business.
Description A brief description of the business.Tip — This type of description does not have a maximum character limit. 2 or 3 sentences is ideal.
Contact Information
This the section is the preferred form of contact for the business. Google will use this information to provide quick results when a searcher appears to be wanting to contact the business.
Contact Type You have 11 contact types to choose from for Local SEO: Food Establishment:
Contact Email The contact email address that corresponds with the above contact type.
Phone Number The contact phone number that corresponds with the above contact type.
If you would like to add additional contact numbers, enable Contact 2 or Contact 3 to enable the additional contact options.
Add Address You have 5 options:
  • Full Address
  • City, State, & Zip
  • City & State
  • State
  • Do not include address
Address The street address of the business
City The city of the business
State The state of the business
Zip The zip code of the business
Country The country of the business
Days Include The days of the week that use the business hours defined below.
Open The time that the business opens for the days selected above.
Close The time that the business closes for the days selected above.
If you would like to add additional hour sets, you have 2 additional sections to add more business hour information.