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Learn more about the Sitemap Uploader Adobe Muse widget

Adobe Muse automatically generates your website's sitemaps, but if you aren't hosting your website in Business Catalyst, the sitemap that is generated is unstructured and for some reason, includes images. This sitemap uploader will help solve the issue for those hosting their website outside of Business Catalyst.

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Table of contents

  1. How to use
    1. Submitting your sitemap to Google
    2. Placement
  2. Documentation
    1. Sitemaps
  3. Discussion

How to use

Tip — This widget can go on your Master Page or homepage. The widget will always upload the sitemap.xml file to the /assets/ folder.

Start by going to XML-Sitemaps. Once you're on the site, enter your domain name where it asks for the Starting URL. Then, jump down to Priority and select Automatically Calculated Priority. Then click Start.

Once your sitemap is generated, download the un-compressed XML Sitemap. Upload the file to the widget and then publish your website.

Submitting your sitemap to Google

Start by heading over to Google Webmaster. Select your site and then on the left navigation bar, select Crawl. In the dropdown, select Sitemaps.

Near the top right corner, you'll see a red button that says, ADD/TEST SITEMAP. Click that and a small box will appear with your domain name. To the right of it will be an input box. In the input box copy and paste:


This widget can be placed on any page of your website. Whether it's on the Master Page(s) or an individual page, it will always upload once to the same place.

Sitemap Uploader
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